Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Six Creative Ways to Make your Grand Opening a Success

When done right, grand openings (or re-openings) can be big attention-getters and can properly introduce your business to the community. A successful grand opening event can effectively launch your business and positively impact your bottom line. But it takes hard work, preparation and strategic promotions to make a grand opening work.  Here are some marketing activities and ideas to help you make that happen:

1. Spread the Word

Beginning a month prior to the event, send timely emails, fliers and personal invitations and use social media posts and ads (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) to announce the opening.  Be sure your website is ready to go and create a video for YouTube that acts as a teaser ad for the grand opening. 
2. Traffic Generating Incentives

In conjunction with the grand opening, offer special incentives for customers who shop during the grand opening or within a short time period. Create loyalty programs that will keep those customers coming back regularly.
3. Use the Media
Send a press release to the local media (Patch, community newspapers) to emphasize what your business will be bringing to the community in the form of jobs or a needed service or product, etc.  Also, issue a media alert inviting the  press to attend your grand opening and include a schedule of activities, key attendees and photo opportunities.

4. Chambers and Mayors Offices

Speaking of photo opportunities, invite your mayor or local officials to participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony or to make an appearance. Also involve your local Chamber of Commerce who will help you spread the word about the event.
 5. Form Partnerships    
 Team up with related or neighboring businesses so that you all can contribute to and benefit from the buzz of your opening.  Create reciprocal marketing partnerships such as flier or newsletter swaps.
6. Be Community-Minded
Is there a way that your event can be tied in with a greater cause? Can your grand opening or event help the local community in some way?  If it can, you're bound to get more attention and publicity.

What other marketing activities have you successfully  implemented for your business' grand opening? Please share your comments below.