Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maximize Your Trade Show Publicity Efforts

Although you may be one of hundreds of exhibitors at the upcoming industry expo, there are a few key things you can do to stand out from the crowd and maximize your publicity opportunities at your next trade show.

1. Media
Know which publications and reporters are attending or covering the trade show. Some work months in advance to create special editions. Contact them beforehand so you know their deadlines and expectaions.

2. Just the Facts Please
Write a concise, factual press release (include who, what, when and how) that conveys timely information about a new product or service, a featured prodcut or a special demonstration at the show, etc. Know your audience and write the release with the publications who will be reading it in mind.

3. A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words
Include a photo of your product in use or in development. It can really heighten a reporter's interest and increase your chances of pick up.

4. Contact Information
Although this sounds basic, include both office and cell phone numbers of the people who can be contacted for more details of your news. Reporters get frustrated when they can't track down the appropriate person at a show leading to missed publicity opportunities. Don't forget to include your booth number.

5. Headlines
Include the name of the trade show in the headline and the body of your release. Anyone covering news at the show will be scanning newsroom systems for keywords such as the show name.

6. Traffic to your Site
Embed links in your press release to specific pages of your Web site that pertain to your news. This offers journalists an easy way to gather supporting data and then you can track the traffic on the various pages of your site.

7. Video
If you're doing something extra special at the show, video tape it and post it on YouTube for added exposure.

8. Online Press Kit
While most reporters will be attending the show, keep in mind those who can't make it. Create an online press kit including your release, photos, case studies and company overview that can be conveniently accessed any time.
Welcome to Marketing Matters! I hope that you'll check out this blog often to learn simple tips that will improve your small business' marketing, communications and promotional efforts. The intention here is to keep the information straightforward in an effort to decipher and cut through the clutter and confusion of all the "new" ways to market your business.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your comments and contributions too.