Monday, December 19, 2011

5 Reasons to Create a Facebook Landing Page

Have you created your Facebook landing page yet? Why do I need one, you ask? If you're serious about using Facebook to enhance your business, then a landing page can serve many purposes:

Introduce Your Business-

For people who aren't familiar with your business, a landing page can familiarize them with your products and services.

To Make Your Business Unique-

All Facebook pages tend to look very similar unless you take the initiative to customize your page. A landing page allows you to introduce your business to visitors the way you want to!

Reinforce your Brand-

Using a landing page, you can make your company and product brands highly visible. The profile photo just doesn't offer businesses enough to accomplish this but a landing page makes it easy.

Promote Events and Offers-

Change your Facebook Landing page to reflect your current offers or upcoming events.

Encourage the "Like" Button-

A landing page can explain why someone should like your page and what benefits they may receive: discounts, daily tips, links, photos or news. Encourage them with an explicit "like us" directive, similar to the one on my landing page (design by Ruzow Graphics).

For help with your business' Facebook page, call Jocelyn at 203.377.9980.