Thursday, July 7, 2011

Marketing Copy that Informs, Persuades and Sells!

Since my last few projects have included updating or creating marketing-friendly copy for clients, I thought that would be a good topic to blog about!

Whether you're writing web copy, a seminar promotion or a brochure, try to keep the following pointers in mind to maximize the effectiveness of your messages:

-Address your readers' problem, issue or "pain". If they can identify with the experience you're describing, you'll get their attention right away.

-Include the benefits the reader will realize from your product or services instead of just listing features.

-Avoid using industry lingo that might be foreign to your audience.

-Tell a story: try using a true client experience to illustrate your point.

-Provide evidence to back up what you're promoting: research, testimonials, case studies, etc. These solid facts will help to sway your reader.

Try to be informative, persuasive and always put yourself in your reader's shoes when writing and reviewing your copy.