Friday, October 15, 2010

Promote Your Events through Social Media Marketing

Are you using your social media connections to effectively promote your upcoming seminar, open house, networking event or trade show exhibit? Social media tools should be part of your plan to spread the word to your customers, prospects, friends and others about the event.

Start by creating an event web page where you can house all the relevant info. This page should provide all the detail that people want to learn before registering.

Check out Constant Contact's Event Marketing tool to help you set up your event's details, manage and promote it through professional looking e-invites, updates and reminders.

Start early by posting save the date or registration announcements on all of your social media networks and email the same notice to your clients, prospects and constituents.

Continue to promote your event with a stream of updates on Facebook and Twitter. Try to build interest by promoting what attendees can expect to learn/receive at your event. Create your event on LinkedIn and invite people you're connected with. Don't forget to join any business networking groups in your event's city so you can post the event to their discussion boards.

For effective Twitter marketing, create an event hashtag on Twitter and encourage attendees to use it when they mention your event in their Twitter posts.

Post-event promotion is important too. Use social media to share photos, videos, information, etc. to remind or inform everyone how successful the event was.