Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ways to Increase Seminar Attendance

1.Communicate the value- Be clear about what attendees will learn, how the information will help them and what the take away will be.

2.What's the hook? Make them an offer they can't resist. Whether it's a free consultation, a white paper or breakfast, let prospects know what's in it for them if they attend.

3.Registration fee- Consider charging a fee for your seminar or workshop. You'll have less no-shows if people know they'll lose money by not attending.

4.Use Social Media- In addition to direct mail and email, use all of your social media tools to promote your seminar/workshop to drive attendance.

5.Email and phone reminders- Call and email your registrants the weeks and days leading up to the event. Continue to restate the benefits of attending.

What other things to you do to fill seats? Let us know!