Monday, January 30, 2012

Can You Use Pinterest to Help your Business?

Have you heard of Pinterest, a pin board social media network that's growing and getting a lot of attention? Pinterest is an invitation only site where members "pin" or tag images of their favorite or important things. Members create various boards based on a theme or topic (food, travel, decor, etc.) and pin images to them. Members can follow each other and "like" or "repin" (share) images on their own boards.

The site has become popular among women so if females are your business' target market, Pinterest is the place to be. If you have a very visual product and can entice customers with images, Pinterest may help your marketing efforts. While the site discourages outright product promotion, businesses are using the site to drive traffic to websites, execute contests or just be a source of inspiration.

Read American Express Open Forum's recent tips article with lots of links to Pinterest pages of popular brands.

Can this site be useful to your business? Please share if your business is using Pinterest and how.