Friday, April 15, 2011

Landing Pages Can Solidify your Online Marketing

Are you using a landing page on your Web site to capture email addresses or convert prospects to customers?

While your home page should be a key area of focus for your web site, landing pages can be effective in getting measurable results from your online marketing campaigns.

Landing pages are specifically created for visitors who are referred via online marketing. You'll often see one when you click on an online ad. A landing page is intended to drive a particular marketing outcome – to generate a lead or a sale. For instance, companies like Dell Tweet about their promotions that are exclusive to Twitter followers only. Followers are then directed to a landing page where they can take advantage of a special offer.

Typically, landing pages encourage data or email capture where a site visitor fills in an online form in order to receive a coupon, a free product or valuable information (free report, etc.). Other landing pages allow visitors to take advantage of a special offer by making a purchase.

Good landing pages are persuasive and are easy to read/use/fill out. Here are a few examples of landing pages:

Test your landing page to see what headlines, content, offers are working best. As web author Jim Sterne says: Try It! Measure It! Tweak It!