Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Facebook 2012 Update: Summary of Mari's Smith's Webinar

If you didn't catch Facebook Expert Mari Smith's webinar yesterday on Facebook 2012, here are some of the high points to get you caught up.

Mari recommends that these "to do's" are on your daily Facebook checklist:
• Check your Business Page hidden posts (click on Wall to see them). These are typically spam but check here often so you don't miss an important message.
• Respond to comments and questions promptly (within hours not days).
• Check out Insights to see your page metrics. See which posts are being viewed the most and how many Engaged Users you have. Use this information to gauge what posts draw the most attention.

She threw out a lot of random tips such as:
• Try to "edutain" which is to provide quality content in a fun, engaging way.
• Use all of your other social media networks to grow your Facebook page.
• Short status updates have better engagement rates than longer ones.
• Increase your "shares" and it will increase your page's visibility.

Mari offered an interesting tidbit of what's coming soon on Facebook:
• One to one email capability to your fans (they're testing or rolling out this functionality in Asia now). This can really change the way businesses use Facebook to market directly to their followers.

Hope these help you to use Facebook more effectively for your business!