Monday, May 23, 2016

Speaking Opportunities Increase as Events Become the Future of Publishing

Many business leaders speak at targeted events to increase their visibility and credibility in their industry. It's a smart strategy as more and more speaking opportunities appear to be available.

According to HubSpot's Digital Publishing Benchmarks report on the publishing industry, events will play a bigger role in driving their revenue in the near future. With decreasing ad revenues, media companies are shifting their business models. The report says that over one-third of publishers believe events as a revenue stream will increase in value in the next two years.

With these new publisher produced events, comes a plethora of speaking opportunities.  If you're a blogger, contribute to industry publications, or if you're know as an expert in your industry,  this could be an opportunity.  Those with an existing reputation in their industry will definitely have an advantage.

Check out the industry publications and magazines that you read and seek out all the upcoming conferences associated with each. Strong content including information on industry trends will be in demand.

Raise your profile: prepare and seek out the many speaking opportunities opening up in the media world.