Monday, August 25, 2014

Looking to Improve Your Facebook Page Productivity?

Track and Measure Your FaceBook Page Activity with Insights

All Facebook Page owners/administrators should be familiar with Insights, data that Facebook provides about your Page's activity that can help drive strategic marketing decisions. Page Insights (found in the white bar across the top of the administrator's Page) can help determine how the audience interacts with your Facebook Page. Utilizing the information provided by Page Insights is vital for creating a successful Facebook Page. Insights will allow you to reach your target audience, garner traffic on your page, and help produce business.

Facebook's Insights provide the following information:

1)     See a metrics summary to analyze how well the page is performing.
2)      Learn which posts are more popular with your audience. This helps guide you to create similar posts that will receive the same positive feedback.
3)      Track when your audience is logged into Facebook so that posts can be published during hours that demonstrate optimal page traffic.

Page Insights are only available after at least 30 people have liked your page.

Here's a detailed breakdown of all the tabs within Insights:

·         Overview  
The purpose of this tab is to show as much data as possible about your Page at a glimpse. The Overview tab includes a percentage graph of Likes, Post Reach, and Engagement within the last seven days. The table underneath the graph shows the most recent published posts alongside some statistics about those posts. The “pages to watch” table allows one to monitor the growth of other Pages including any competitors.

·         Likes
This tab illustrates the fan growth of your Facebook Page. It can be viewed weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The graph for “total pages Likes” lets the page administrator see the number of Likes received on any particular date. The “net Likes” graph show how the Likes received on a page change daily. Both graphs can help one measure whether the Page is growing at steady rate or declining. One can also see where page Likes come from: your own Page, Page suggestions, other people’s posts or ads.

·         Reach
The Reach tab shows the number of people who have received posts from your Facebook Page. Stats reflect the number of times a post was displayed and whether it was clicked on or not. Reaches can derive from organic or paid sources (organic means that posts were shown through unpaid distribution and paid are posts shown by ads). This tab lets you evaluate positive actions such as likes, comments, and shares as well as negative actions such as when your posts are hidden, reported as spam, and when people unlike your Page.

The Total Reach graph shows all the activity related to your Page such as posts, the post of others about your Page, ads, mentions, and checkins. In all, this tab shows the all around activity of your Page and what works best to spur on interaction with your followers.

·         Visits
This tab allows you to see how people are interacting with your Page by understanding the areas of your Page that were visited the most(Timeline, Photos, Info, etc.).

The Other Page Activity graph shows all mentions, other individuals’ posts on your Page, any check-ins and offer purchases.

'External Referrers' shows which web sites are driving traffic to your Facebook Page.

·         Posts
Within the Post tab there are total of three sub-tabs. The very first tab shows the days of the week and times of the day when your Facebook page fans are online. This is great data to ensure that you're scheduling posts when your audience will see them.

The Post Types tab shows the level of Reach and Engagement for each post so you can evaluate what worked and what did not.

The last tab shows top posts from the Pages You Watch (competition?) so you can easily keep track of what's working for other Pages.

·         People  
To find out if your Facebook fans match up with the profile of your target market, check out the People tab. Demographics including age, gender and location are shown and the tab displays the people your Page's content reaches and engages.

Facebook Insights is a smart, free tool that helps Page administrators better understand what their business Page is accomplishing. Use it to track trends and to improve your Page's success moving forward.