Sunday, September 8, 2013

Social Media Marketing Tips to Extend Your Reach

Through technology and social media networks, your customers and prospects are connected with each other and they're empowered with a host of resources to guide them through a buying process. As a marketer, you can use social media channels to facilitate word of mouth, engage in two way conversations and to extend your marketing reach and impact sales. Here's how:

1. Create Customer Centered Content

Plan and create content based on your goals and vision that will tempt your audience to engage. Use blog articles, videos, surveys, podcasts, and links to useful information to draw clients in. 

Remember to use content that is conversational and personal. Relevant content drives conversation and engages prospects and customers. Offer tips, suggestions, and techniques to solve your customers problems. Encourage clients to participate by giving feedback and offering their suggestions.

2. Get Visual

Adding pictures and videos can be even more effective than using text when it comes to social networking. From images of product to video snippets, visuals can tell a story or illustrate a product or service benefit effectively. Frequently updated photos and videos can greatly improve your SEO.

3. Leverage Your Blog

Blogging allows you to become a thought leader and provides a voice for your campaign. Use content and conversation that speaks to the needs of prospects and customers. According to HubSpot,"Companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month than those who do not. Companies who blog have 55% more web site visitors.”

4. Integration with Email

Be sure to include social sharing and social connection options in your email. This is critical in order to extend the reach of your emails. Remember, the more people that share your email, the greater potential you have for opens, clicks, and conversations. Encourage your audience to connect with you on other social media platforms, so that you expand your contacts and gain new subscribers.

Other ideas: 

·         Specifically ask your email subscribers to pass along your content or connect with you on their social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Facebook.

·         Advise people to text their email address to you so they can become part of your email list.

·         Provide a link in your blog posts asking readers to join your email list. Do this on all of your social networks too.

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