Thursday, August 22, 2013

SlideShare: Make Business Connections and Build Content

SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. It allows you to share information with millions of viewers or privately with colleagues. Take any type of presentation and add audio or insert videos to create an online, sharable audiovisual arrangement of your information.

SlideShare lets you connect with people who have interesting content to grow your professional network. Find people in your key networks that have a SlideShare account and reach out to them.  

It's a great tool to facilitate content marketing. The more content you add to your SlideShare, the more visibility you will generate which will lead to more page views. Generate business leads by sharing your newly created SlideShare via LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

Tips for Success on SlideShare

§  Start with an interesting topic; offer something your target audience will find useful

§  Make SlideShare the foundation for your blog posts, social media content, etc.

§  Use high-quality images and keep text to a minimum

§  When using text, be sure to use bold subheadings to break up blocks of text (lay off dense text and save that for blog posting)

§  Links are disabled on your first three slides on SlideShare to ensure the publishing of quality stories, fascinating content, and insightful information

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