Monday, September 30, 2013

Need More Fans to See Your Facebook Posts?

While Facebook often changes the factors that determine what's seen in the NewsFeed, the bottom line is that if no one interacts on your Page it won't get much NewsFeed visibility.

So what are the best ways to make your Page active and maximize your posts' effectiveness?

1.Pay Attention to EdgeRank

 According to Facebook's recent announcement, they've changed the NewsFeed EdgeRank algorithm based these factors: whether or not people "hide" your content, if your Fans overlap with those of other high quality Pages and if your content is Shared often. Facebook is encouraging Pages to consistently produce interesting content that your audience responds to so keep this in mind when you post.

2. Experiment with Paid Features on Facebook

Use Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories to increase visibility and interaction of your posts. For a small fee (as low as $5) you can use Promoted Posts to ensure that a greater number of your fans and their friends will see a specific post.

With Sponsored Stories, you can pay to highlight something that happened on your Page. The most common Sponsored Stories are Page Like announcements, Offer Claims or Check-Ins. For instance, Bath & Body Works did a Sponsored Story to highlight that a Fan took advantage of their Free Aromatherapy Lotion offer. The goal of Sponsored Stories is to get more of your Fans to take the same action.

3. Use Photos

Recent research says that there's more fan engagement from photos than videos, links or text. Try including a photo with every post and see if your stats go up.  If you don't have a photo, try using a cartoon/caption for Someecards or other humorous e-card sites.

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