Friday, August 11, 2017

Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Social media is no longer an option for real estate agents. In order to optimize the services you offer to your clients and to keep up with the competition, real estate professionals need to step up their social media game. Here are a few tips to help you succeed:

1. Provide Useful Content

Content marketing can make even small agents stand out from this crowded field.  By providing consistent tips and information (example: 4 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time To Buy a Home) or 'how to' lists, you'll be educating buyers and sellers and providing value.

2. Post Video on Your Social Media

  • Funny or insightful videos that solve problems, answer questions, or are just entertaining can often reach a broader audience through social shares. 
  • Ask your happy clients to create a short video about their experience with you and how their lives have changed since making their home purchase or sale. Testimonials are great tools to post on social media.
  • Agents should always be in their promotional property videos (not just narrating) to add interest and to let buyers and sellers know who you are. Use them often on social media and you'll see an increase in your social engagement.

3. Create Useful Infographics

Instead of sending your prospects and clients reports and spreadsheets, educate them by using attractive infographics. It's a great way to convey data or facts using images and design.

4. Advertise via Facebook

Facebook's ads provide cost effective ways to get in front of a precise demographic using behavioral targeting.  Gain a competitive advantage over agents who are still using old school marketing by leveraging Facebook's ad platform.

5. Develop a Plan

Simply having a few social media accounts and posting periodically isn't enough. Creating goals and plans will help you get organized and know the proper steps to take to achieve your end results.

What social media tips can you add? Please share in the comments.

If you need help with your social media or other marketing, contact me today! or 203.543.1455.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Repurpose Your Publicity

Congratulations! You or your business has just been featured or quoted in an article in an industry publication or regional newspaper.  Having a third party publish information on your business, products or services can give you the kind of credibility that no advertisement can.

Now it's time to consider how you can maximize your publicity or leverage it as a useful sales and marketing tool. Here are a few ways to extend the buzz and the life of your press coverage:

1. Post on Social Media- Share a link to the article on both your Facebook  Page and Personal Profile, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks.

2.  Showcase it in your Newsletter or Blog- Repurpose your recent press by posting a media coverage roundup in your newsletter and/or blog.  Roundups typically revisit positive PR by outlining and linking to recent pieces of coverage.

3.  Include a Link on your Website- Include a list with links of all your news coverage (radio interview, web articles, print, etc.) on a Press Page on your website.

4. Leverage it as a Sales Tool- Print copies or create PDF's of the article for inclusion in your marketing collateral or proposals to prospects and clients.

What other ways have you repurposed your publicity? Leave a comment below!

Monday, May 15, 2017

What's a Good Email Open Rate?

Do you know how your email open rates measure up to similar businesses in your industry?

Your email open rate, an important marketing metric, is a tally of how many people open or view a particular email campaign.  Open rates are typically expressed as a percentage and this is the formula:

Open Rate= Unique Opens / Number of Emails Sent

As a business owner or marketer, tracking your open rates (along with a few other email metrics) and attempting to improve them should be a priority.  Keep a spreadsheet of your email open rates and establish your quarterly open rate average.  Now you can do a quarterly comparison to identify trends or patterns.

You can also use your open rate average to compare yourself to others in your industry.

The chart below (source: Constant Contact) contains open rates by industry and other email metrics: bounce rate (percentage of bad emails), click through rate (percentage of people who clicked on links in your email) and unsubscribe rate (percentage of people who leave your list).

Check out your industry's email open rate and see how you compare: 

Stay tuned for next month's blog where we'll discuss how to improve your open rate!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why Email is the Top Marketing Tool

Although email marketing might not get the praise that the latest social media platform does, it can have a far wider reach than all the social networks combined.  Email generates a significantly higher click-through rate and total return on investment.

If your business or nonprofit isn't emailing your clients, prospects, and donors regularly, you're missing out on an important marketing opportunity. Email is inexpensive, yet effective, simple to execute and ideal for small business marketing. With user-friendly tools like Constant Contact, you can easily develop newsletters, promotions, coupons, invitations, announcements and more.  

Here are some stats to confirm the importance of email in your marketing:
  • Email gets delivered 90+% of the time
  • For every $1 spent on email, there's a $44.25 average return on investment 
  • 91% of US adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with. 

(sources: Direct Marketing Association, Marketing Sherpa)

The core of your business is about developing relationships with your clients and prospects.  By emailing quality content or emails with a purpose, you can manage and nurture those relationships and build your business too. 

Start working on your email campaigns today!  Or contact me at 203.377.9980 for help in creating and distributing your emails to maximize results.  

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Is Your Contact Information Easy to Find?

Have you ever gotten really frustrated when you're looking for contact information for a vendor, client or a local business online and can't find it?  Don't risk losing valuable business by making it difficult for people to communicate with you: include your contact information in as many places as possible! 

In addition to your business card and brochures, here's a list of online places to include your contact info to ensure that you'll be found:

1) Web Site
Your phone number should be readily available on every page of your website, especially your homepage, in addition to your contact page. Be sure all of your contact details (phone, email, location/address) are on your 'Contact Us' page.  If you use a contact form, also include your email address as an optional way to connect.

2) Google My Business
Register your business with Google so you're easily found when someone does a search.  Be sure to complete your entire listing so all of your business information can be distributed across all Google products (Google+, Google Search, Google Maps, etc.)

3) Social Media Sites
Every social media site is different but check each one of yours(Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) and be sure your contact information is complete and easy to find.

4) e-Newsletters
Your email newsletter probably contains lots of useful information and links but does it include your contact info to allow clients and prospects to easily reach out to you?

5) Email Signature
Create an email signature that contains your company name, office and mobile phone numbers, social media links as well as your mailing address.

You can't post your contact info in too many places. Make sure it's everywhere so people don't have to hunt you down!  What other places online should you include your contact details? Comment below.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Six Creative Ways to Make your Grand Opening a Success

When done right, grand openings (or re-openings) can be big attention-getters and can properly introduce your business to the community. A successful grand opening event can effectively launch your business and positively impact your bottom line. But it takes hard work, preparation and strategic promotions to make a grand opening work.  Here are some marketing activities and ideas to help you make that happen:

1. Spread the Word

Beginning a month prior to the event, send timely emails, fliers and personal invitations and use social media posts and ads (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) to announce the opening.  Be sure your website is ready to go and create a video for YouTube that acts as a teaser ad for the grand opening. 
2. Traffic Generating Incentives

In conjunction with the grand opening, offer special incentives for customers who shop during the grand opening or within a short time period. Create loyalty programs that will keep those customers coming back regularly.
3. Use the Media
Send a press release to the local media (Patch, community newspapers) to emphasize what your business will be bringing to the community in the form of jobs or a needed service or product, etc.  Also, issue a media alert inviting the  press to attend your grand opening and include a schedule of activities, key attendees and photo opportunities.

4. Chambers and Mayors Offices

Speaking of photo opportunities, invite your mayor or local officials to participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony or to make an appearance. Also involve your local Chamber of Commerce who will help you spread the word about the event.
 5. Form Partnerships    
 Team up with related or neighboring businesses so that you all can contribute to and benefit from the buzz of your opening.  Create reciprocal marketing partnerships such as flier or newsletter swaps.
6. Be Community-Minded
Is there a way that your event can be tied in with a greater cause? Can your grand opening or event help the local community in some way?  If it can, you're bound to get more attention and publicity.

What other marketing activities have you successfully  implemented for your business' grand opening? Please share your comments below.