Thursday, August 8, 2013

Your Online Media Kit: What to Include and Why

If your company is launching a public relations campaign or pursuing any type of media coverage, a media kit is an easy, efficient way to introduce people to your business.

A media kit is simply an information packet about your business and products/services that is used to let the media and prospects know who you are. Consider developing an online media kit as a page on your web site that might include such items as: 

·        Company mission statement - What's the purpose of your organization?

·        Company profile/overview- Provide a description of your company, some background information and contact information.

·        Bios of key management personnel- Introduce the owner and executives of the organization.

·        Product or service fact sheet- Supply a concise overview of your products or services. For lengthier explanations, include links to PDFs or web pages that contain further details.

·       Copies of recent press coverage- Post links to recent mentions, interviews or other media coverage. Keep this updated and add to it as your business has more visibility in the news.

·        Press releases-  Show recent press releases as a introduction to the latest news and growth of your organization.

·        Testimonials- Share what your customers or partners are saying about your products, services or business.

Be sure that all components of your media list can be printed or downloaded (PDF format is preferable).  Keep your media kit updated and current so it can accurately showcase your business.

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