Tuesday, July 15, 2014

List Segmentation: What Is It and How Does It Impact My Marketing?

Collecting client and prospect email addresses should be a standard marketing practice for your business. Your email lists represent a big marketing opportunity to gain new business from prospects and to service and potentially up-sell your clients.

But assembling email lists is just the first step.  Consider how to segment your lists in order to make your email marketing efforts most effective. List segmentation is creating smaller lists or "segments" from the bigger list. How you segment your list depends on your business.  Some common ways are to identify customers vs. prospects or to segment customers by how often they buy or the type of product or service they've purchased.  The possibilities are endless and should be based on how you need to divide your lists in order to tailor your marketing.

By creating a targeted message and campaign designed for a specific segment, you'll greatly improve your performance and results. As far as email marketing goes, list segmentation and targeting can be some of the most successful techniques.

According to a 2012 eMarketing.com survey of US-based marketers, 39% segmented email lists by demographics, 28% by purchase history, and smaller percentages segmented by email open rates, type of purchase, and job titles.

Avoid having people unsubscribe to your lists by segmenting and targeting your email messages to each audience's specific needs.

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