Saturday, January 16, 2016

Need a Makeover in 2016? Five Ways to Refresh Your Marketing

by Guest Blogger, Michele Kelly, owner of GraphicWays Design

If you can't recall the last time your revamped your brochures, signs or website, you might not be properly conveying your message, product benefits or brand and missing out on valuable sales opportunities.

Savvy businesses realize that in order to attract more clients, contemporary, updated marketing materials that best communicate your products or services can give you an advantage.  While there might not be a budget for a total overhaul, a timely review of your critical marketing tools is a must. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1. Logo
Is your logo still relevant and does it reflect your brand?
Are the colors and typefaces stuck in a time warp?
Is your logo geared toward your target audience?

2. Brochures
Have you added new products or services?
Does your current brochure look dated?
Is there a call to action in your sales material?

3. Website
Is your website mobile friendly?
Are you getting found in search engines?
Is your site optimized for a wider format?

4. Stationery
Has your company changed address or phone numbers?
Is your website listed on your letterhead?
Are your business cards impressive and unique?

5. Email Marketing
Missing an opportunity by not utilizing your email lists?
Do your emails end up in a client or prospects spam folder? 
Are you getting good open and click through rates?

Remember to review and understand what marketing campaigns have worked in the past. This will better enable you to recreate your marketing for the new year to wake up and re-energize your business!

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