Monday, January 5, 2015

Facebook 2015 Mistakes to Avoid

Last month, I blogged about Mari Smith's Facebook 2015 webinar which revealed predictions for trends on Pages. This post will cover Mari's recommended mistakes to avoid on Facebook in the coming year.

Don't make these Facebook errors:

1.  Posts are all the same
Vary your posts to keep your audience interested! Try a combination of videos, links, images, funny quotes, relevant news and quirky news that all work toward your social media goals.

2.  Not responding to fan comments
When fans and followers comment or ask a questions, it's important to respond promptly. Monitor your account often so you can reply or take action as needed.

3.  Advertising to existing customers
When promoting an event or product/service, be sure to filter out attendees or clients. This is an advanced advertising feature that's worth learning.

4.  Ad frequency overdone
Don't run the risk of having people "unfollow" your page! Avoid having your ad shown more than 1-2 times to the same audience. Check your frequency report to see how many times your ad was shown to avoid over exposure.

5.  Not integrating Facebook with other channels
While you probably have a Facebook icon on your web site that links to your Facebook Page, have you considered embedding a 'Like Box' so visitors can click and Like right from your Page? Drive your email lists and other social media network followers to your Facebook Page and vice versa.

6.  Quitting Facebook
Keeping up with the myriad of Facebook changes can be frustrating but don't give up on the platform. While its organic reach has dwindled, Facebook does offer an inexpensive advertising entry point that can be used to find new prospects and customers for your business.

As always, if you need assistance with your Facebook or other social media, please give me a shout!

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