Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Social Media Marketing World 2014 Trends and Takeaways

Facebook took a big hit this week.  The keynote speaker at this week's Social Media Marketing World 2014 Conference diminished Facebook in his opening remarks essentially saying "Blog more, Facebook less".

Many businesses have been thoroughly frustrated with their efforts to gain more traction on Facebook.  Status updates are seen by a shrinking percentage of followers and the only way to get any visibility is to pay for exposure.

According to content marketing writer, Ryan Hanley, who was at the Conference, "Facebook, the social media juggernaut, minimized at the largest social media marketing conference in world, in the opening keynote no less."

Conference keynote and founder Michael Stelzner may have minimized Facebook but what he did emphasize was the importance of blogging, Google+ and producing relevant content. Sharing information, answering client/prospect questions and serving as an online resource should be part of your business' marketing purpose.

For those of who weren't able to attend SMMW 14, check out Ryan's blog about the trends and takeaways that he discovered:

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