Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sales Tools: Three Simple Methods for Sales Success

Welcome Guest Blogger: Traci O'Brien

As a sales professional, I recently attended my yearly sales conference in Indianapolis and came back renewed. refreshed and further determined to succeed using three tried and true methods– Listen Better, Be The Expert and Give 'Em What They Want!

Sometimes I feel as if the art of listening has fallen by the wayside. With life being so busy it is very easy to be distracted (Oh look… shiny!). However, when dealing with a customer it is critical to be PRESENT and LISTEN. You need to listen in order to gather all the facts so you can help a customer but it also shows them that you are interested in them and that their business is important to you. The last person they want to do business with is someone who is making something or someone else a priority when they are supposed to be listening.

Be the Expert
Customers want to do business with an expert. Your expertise offers clients reassurance in their buying decisions. We are all experts in our field to varying degrees. The old adage, “fake it 'til you make it” can only get you so far. Know your core products. It’s ok to NOT have all the answers. Just know exactly where to find them should someone ask a question that you don’t have the answer to.

Give 'Em What They Want
Consumers want to buy what everybody else has. Have you ever gone shopping for a new home appliance? You see fifteen different refrigerators and you decide on the one that’s out of stock. It must be the best one. Everyone wants it so we want it too! Making a decision is hard for most people but if you have listened well and given them your expert advice you can help them make a well informed, educated decision on what is best for them.

By Traci O'Brien, Independent Sales Rep
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